How Do I Know When To Change Jobs?

Unpaid overtime, stressful boss, overloaded and late-night works? If you are experiencing these signs, perhaps it’s time to change your job!

Best Personal Improvement Books

In the modern era, personal improvement has become an industry, making countless billions of dollars per year by hawking everything from diet pills to love life advice to prescription drugs that improve memory.

Do I Have To Offer Two Weeks When I Quit?

Many people see two weeks as a nice round number and end up offering to give it as notice, but is this the norm? Is there such thing as too much notice? The answer depends on who you ask. Most employers state that two weeks is standard and almost necessary for them to find a replacement for you.

Are You Being Defined By Your Job

Work-life balance is difficult even in normal times. But now the home has become the office for millions of Americans and working hours spread into personal hours we want to find ways to hep you balance the challenges of work life.

How To Teach Good Work Ethic

For parents, work ethic is strongest when we believe in what we’re doing, when we believe that it matters. So, the questions we parents need to ask ourselves are: How do we instill work ethic?