The Worst Job I Ever Had

Do you have a job that you absolutely hate? This is the story of the worst job I ever had, and it taught me a lot about life.

What is Work Ethic?

Work ethic has everything to do with your own convictions. The importance a person places on the moral benefit of doing a job well strongly influences work ethic. Understanding that doing your best shouldn’t be based on the reward for completing a task but on a sense of accomplishment will go a long way toward maintaining a good work ethic.

Can I Live On Just Cash?

Money hasn’t always been a staple of society, cash-only lifestyles are a great option. Here are some things to consider from a cash-only lifestyle.

How To Get Better Tips As A Server?

Today we are talking about tips, tricks and psychology to get better tips from customers as a waiter or waitress. There are easy ways to make more money!

5 Good Jobs for a Restless Teenager

Not having a college degree or diploma doesn’t mean your future of getting a decent job is impossible. There are other career options, many of which will even pay as much or more than the jobs that require college degrees.

Is HVAC A Good Career?

HVAC is an excellent career choice for those who’ve got the knack for it. If you love exploring and learning about new technologies, working in HVAC will be the best option for you.