5 Businesses You Can Start For Under $100

No matter who you are, everybody can agree on one thing: it never hurts to have an extra couple of bucks coming in alongside your main source of income.

If you want to make a bit of extra dough on the side, then why not start up a business? Who doesn’t love the idea of escaping the rat race, becoming the master of your time and having control over where you work, when you work, and how much you’ll work for?

The end results of that idea sound really appealing, but in order to get to that level, we first have to keep it simple and actually start!

We’ve all asked ourselves the million dollar question of how to make more money, but narrowing down an answer isn’t as cut and dry as we’d like it to be. With so many different side hustles and startups to choose from, it can be a bit frustrating to even get the ball rolling.

That’s why I’ve decided to ask around and pull from personal experiences to give you five businesses to start under $100.

It Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

Whether you’re having money woes, or are just optimistic about your ability to increase your income, hearing that one particular question could stop you right in your tracks without even trying to – “Why don’t you just start a business?”

When the average person thinks about business, we tend to think on the macro scale. Big businesses like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and Nike immediately hook the mind and send the average Joe into a defeatist attitude (before even starting) because everyone knows that it takes money to make money, especially on that level.

“But how will I even get the money to start making money like that?”

“How many years will it take?”

“How do I even do that?”

Worry not, my friend. Believe it or not, there are ways to drum up some business for yourself without having to break the bank, and we’re going to show you how. Every option down below will cost you little to nothing on startup with a potential to take it to the big leagues if you go above and beyond.

Idea #1: Automotive Services

Now before you immediately count this one out, hear me out.

In terms of making automotive services your full career, it’ll probably cost a pretty penny to fully thrive in that arena, what with the schooling, time spent learning and honing your craft, and having the top of the line tools and space to own a shop.

But for someone with a toolkit, a good bit of mechanical knowledge under their belt, and a willingness to help with simpler things that don’t necessarily require a shop….it’ll cost little to nothing to get a little bit of notoriety going for yourself in the local area.

It can start with something as simple as helping your neighbors install their brand new windshield wipers, or fixing flat tires for people, and run all the way up to replacing parts under the hood.

“What if I know next to nothing about cars except how to drive them and wash them?”

That works too, because starting up a modest car washing service is really cheap compared to buying a car wash itself. A bucket, some microfiber cloth, a bottle or two of cleaners, and some scrub brushes – it’s sure to be worth the tiny investment.

Just build up a list of clientele, let your name spread out, and the money is going to pileup before you know it. Someone is always gonna need something done to their car.

Idea #2: Phone Repair Services

We live in a modern society that’s filled to the brim with modern comforts like fast food, modern medicine, and smartphones.

And just like the previous example, the same holds true for the phones.

You know that one older relative that just looks at their phone like a caveman when it sees fire? The one that’ll call you and swear that you’re a computer genius for figuring out how to let them watch a video on Facebook?

Somebody is always going to need some help regarding their smartphone, and what better way to make a name for yourself than to lend out your services in this department?

Whether you can help the less technologically inclined with simple things like figuring out why their phone screen isn’t working, or can go beneath the surface of an iPhone and tinker with the techy bits behind the screens, repairing phones is a surefire side business that can start off small and end up in the big leagues.

All you’ll need is the smarts to be able to do it and (if you don’t already have one) a phone repair kit, and that’s not going to hit you in the pockets too hard when you’re just starting out.

Idea #3: Doordash/ Food Delivery

At number 3 on the list, the tried and true method of Doordashing is always a solid option for scrounging up a bit of extra change.

What is Doordash, you may ask?

Chances are, you know what a taxi is. The modern day version of taxi servicing is Uber/ Lyft, rideshare apps designed to get people where they need to go and pay the people that take them.

Maybe Uber doesn’t sound like a good idea to you and you can’t stand the thought of letting random strangers into your car, but you still want to use your vehicle to make some money.

That’s where Doordash comes in.

Similar in concept to Uber and Lyft, Doordash is a food delivery app where the everyday person with a mode of transportation can sign up and deliver food for the price that you choose.

Signing up for the delivery app as an independent contractor is free, and once you’re all set up you’re ready to go. Just bring your car charger, your favorite playlists and snacks, and enjoy being able to just pick up food and drop it off.

The only expense involved with Doordash is putting gas in your tank, but unless you’ve got a bottomless pit of a tank you shouldn’t be overstepping the $100 boundary.

Idea #4: Pet Services

Who doesn’t love pets?

If you’ve ever met a pet owner, you’ll learn two things. One, they value the life of that crazy chihuahua from hell more than they value your (and everyone else’s) sanity. Two, they are always happy to find someone that’ll help take the load off when it comes to their little animal babies, and they will gladly compensate you for your efforts.

There are so many different avenues when it comes to pet services, your pet baby business can bloom in any direction.

Are you a general dog person who loves to walk? Show your face around town and spread the good word about your dog walking business.

Are you a trustworthy person who is great with remembering to do things? Offer your services to check in on pets who are at home while their parents are off enjoying a pet-free vacation. Feed them, keep a healthy supply of water for the adorable little scampers, and be on your way.

Do you have an extensive array of knowledge and experience with more obscure, uncommon pets? Start up a business teaching pet owners unfamiliar to the animal how to take care of it. Teach them about its habits, diet, type of habitat it thrives in and sit back as you become a local specialist in this specific niche you’ve carved out for yourself.

Maybe you have a lot of experience with cleaning and grooming pets. Start up a cleaning and grooming business with the tools you already have at your disposal. Then, as the business takes off and everyone is ranting and raving about your quality, reinvest and expand.

The possibilities are endless, because there’s always someone who has no qualms about paying you to make their life easier….and their pet’s life better.

Idea #5: Tutoring

If you’ve got a big, spongy brain that has soaked up a lot of knowledge over the years, why not put that expertise and know how to work?

Why not help little Timmy, who has a big math test coming up soon but he’s getting super frustrated because he can’t grasp some of the concepts?

Or why not help Jessica, who’s been on a Starbucks and energy drink binge for the past three days because she needs to figure out how to get this literary essay written?

Tutoring has always been a very simple way to make money for those who have the gift of teaching, and there’s a good reason why.

Someone is always going to know more than you in any particular subject. But, conversely, there is always someone who will know less.

The person who knows less, but wants/needs to learn more, will be more than happy to enlist your services if you decide to start your tutoring business and put yourself out there.

It’ll cost you little to nothing, other than your time, which you’ll be compensated for anyway. Parents who are busy, or frustrated, or claim “math isn’t my thing,” are happy to pay top dollar to have someone committed to helping their child succeed.

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